What is meant by strategic planting?

Some plants are known to attract slugs, while others are slug resistant. Taking time to think about which plants you use in your garden or allotment can help minimise the level of plant damage.

Slugs can cause damage throughout the year but seedlings and new growth on herbaceous plants in spring are most at risk.

Hostas are a slug favourite and can be quickly devastated. However, plant them in pots topped with gravel, and perhaps with a copper strip barrier, and this can keep your hostas safe. Waxy plants such as thyme and houseleeks are unpalatable to slugs, while perennials such as hardy geraniums are also resistant.

Some gardeners like to plant sacrificial plants. These will lure the slugs away from your favourites. But you will need to check the sacrificial plants regularly and dispose of the pests you find.

You can find lists of susceptible and slug resistant plants here. Or go to the RHS website.


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