Slug pellets: Do’s and Don’ts

As with all garden control products, slug pellets should be used responsibly, whether that’s in the garden, on the vegetable patch or on an allotment. GROWRIGHT suggests the following Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Read the label carefully and follow the advice given
  • Use the right amount of pellets – for metaldehyde-based pellets this is just 3 to 5 across an area the equivalent of an A4 piece of paper
  • Use them in the right place – only around the plants you need to protect
  • Use slug pellets at the right time – only when you see slugs, or snails, and there are signs of plant damage
  • Store slug pellets in a secure, dry place, away from children, pets, food, drink and animal feed
  • Bury spillages covering pellets with soil
  • Dispose of any left-over pellets properly at your local council waste and recycling centre which can be found here


  • Don’t pile slug pellets up in heaps. It is a misconception that an excessive amount is needed
  • Don’t scatter them on hard surfaces. They should only be used around plants you wish to protect
  • Don’t use them in or near watercourses, including streams or drains
  • Don’t buy more than you need. The maximum size of packs contains sufficient pellets to be used up in the average garden within one season or possibly two seasons