How to use metaldehyde slug pellets

Metaldehyde-based slug pellets are one of the most effective control methods, and the GROWRIGHT campaign encourages the responsible use of such control products.

However, where possible cultural controls should be implemented as a first line of defence.


  • When using metaldehyde-based slug pellets you only need to apply them sparingly. This is just 3-5 across an area equivalent to the size of an A4 piece of paper.
  • Check packs for details of the exact application rate of each product.
  • Slug pellets should only be applied where there are slugs or snails and signs of plant damage.
  • Keep away from hard surfaces, water and watercourses and never leave in heaps.

As with all garden control products, store slug pellets securely, in a dry place, away from children, pets, food, drink and animal feed.

Remember, only use slug pellets in the Right Amount, in the Right Place, at the Right Time. Always carefully read and adhere to the label instructions.

Further advice on slug pellets do’s and don’ts can be found here.